8 Foods To Eat To Keep Your Liver Healthy – TOP 8


Beets are a vegetable that really loves and supports the liver. They increase levels of oxygen by purifying the blood, breaking down toxic waste, stimulating bile movement and increasing enzyme activity. There is also an amino acid named betaine that does a great job in detoxifying the liver.

Furthermore, beets are filled with antioxidant-rich pigments that provide that red bright color of the beets and protect both liver cells and other body cells. There are several different ways to enjoy beets, add them in your smoothie if you want to get more nutrients, or add them into your salad and enjoy.


Garlic is a very strong natural antibiotic and there seem to be endless positive health benefits of garlic. It functions as a strong cleanser when it comes to the liver because its abundance of enzymes helps to eliminate all of the toxins. It is also a good source of two natural compounds known as selenium and allicin, which ensure the liver toxin removal.

Moreover, garlic decreases the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, making it much easier for our liver to function properly. Experts in hepatology believe that anyone who has a liver health problem should cook with lots of garlic. Using few garlic cloves daily may decrease the chances of any liver disease as well as protect from oxidation. Everybody would add more garlic to their meals if they knew from the start that this delicious herb is so important to our liver’s health.