9 Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing – TOP 9

We don’t think about our kidneys until they start hurting. As is the case with all organs that come in pairs, kidneys are very important. They remove toxins and waste from our body so that it stays clean.
Kidneys cycle through 50 gallons of liquid a day and filter out about half a gallon filled with waste. You tinkle that half a gallon in the toilet and feel so relieved; now you know why. Thanks to kidneys, our body always has a supply of vitamin D and red blood cells.

The simplest way of keeping kidneys ticking along as they should is to cleanse them. Here are 9 amazing herbs that cleanse kidneys and a special surprise at the very end of the article. Stick around until you read about #3, which you’ll commonly find in flower arrangements and might break up kidney stones. #5 is another kitchen staple that is surprisingly versatile and healthful.

Chanca Piedra

This miracle herb hails from South America. One clinical trial from 2010 already supports the claims it’s a “kidney stone smasher”. The trial says Chanca Piedra can relax the kidneys, letting the stone pass but it also interferes with stone creation. In conclusion, the trial states more longer-term studies are needed.
Chanca Piedra is most commonly taken as tea. Folk tradition says that it is safe for human consumption.