9 Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing – TOP 9


You’ve heard this before—this plant is chock-full of antioxidants. They fight off inflammation but horsetail is also a diuretic, stimulating kidneys to flush out excess water. This whittles down kidney and bladder stones, helps with urinary tract infections and incontinence and reduces edemas. Most often, horsetail is consumed as a capsule or tea.

However, horsetail comes with an enzyme called thiaminase, which breaks down vitamin B1, so overuse might make you deficient in it. If possible, look for horsetail as plants “Equisetum telmateia”, “Eq. arvense” and “Eq. Hyemale”.


Celery root and seeds are known for their diuretic properties. Containing both sodium and potassium, celery helps the body restore its electrolyte balance and stimulate the kidneys.
You can just munch on celery root whenever you feel like it, which will help you lose weight, or nab a capsule or extract. You can’t go wrong with celery, since it balances out the digestive tract, normalizes blood work, curbs colon cancer and relaxes stiff joints. Do avoid it if you have celery allergy.