9 Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing – TOP 9

Marshmallow root

This plant is used for flavoring but may also soothe UTIs thanks to being a mild diuretic. It’s a common ingredient in herbal cures since it calm down irritated mucus membranes, stem inflammation and curb bacteria.
Generally considered safe, marshmallow root tea cleanses kidneys.


You can make all sorts of pantry goodies out of dandelions. The root helps the body flush out water while the rest of the plant is rich in antioxidants. If taken regularly, dandelion lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels and eases the blood pressure. Available as capsule, tea or tincture, dandelion is thought to be safe in all its forms. Do check for your allergies before using dandelions, especially if you’re allergic to marigolds and daisies.

Bonus herb

Finally, here’s the freebie herb—parsley! You are probably using it already for garnish but it can be chewed instead of a breath mint or eaten to reduce swelling. Thanks to its vitamin K content, it thins the blood so don’t take it if on blood thinners.


Take all these herbs in moderation. Each body is different and will react in its own way to herbs. Start out slow and gradually ramp up the dose if all seems good. Drink plenty of water to ease the concentration of herbal chemicals in your kidneys and you’re good to go!