Top 10 All-Natural Antibiotics – TOP 10

The creation and production of antibiotics was a true lifesaver for both humans and animals. Most bacterial diseases have caused death before antibiotics were discovered. Even the simple cold that became persistent was deadly because the body couldn’t survive it. After antibiotics, countless lives were rescued and operations were much more risk-free.

Antibiotics are amongst the most commonly over-prescribed drugs out there, but the problem with these drugs is that apart from killing bad bacteria, they also kill good bacteria. Over time, killing good flora causes digestive problems. Paradoxically, it also destroys the immune system leaving it unable to fight infection on its own. On the other hand, natural antibiotics destroy bad bacteria but without any negative consequences on the organism.

In addition, resistance to antibiotics became a world-wide problem, since bacteria are extremely adaptable. This problem occurs when the bacteria that have been regularly exposed to antibiotics finally begin to develop resistance. That does not occur in human being, but in bacteria themselves, ultimately making it a threat to anyone’s health. Fortunately, Mother Nature has a few natural solutions that can protect even against those antibacterial-resistant bacteria.

That’s why it’s always better to allow your body to defend itself from infections by giving it more time and using no medications. Strengthen your natural infection-fighting ability by including more fiber into your nutrition like vegetables, fruits, and grains. When you start to feel that your body needs support in order to kill bacteria, try using one or more of these 10 natural antibiotics.